HAWPC’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a COVID-19 prevention framework that follows guidelines issued by;

  • Health Canada & Federal Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Hamilton Public Health Unit
  • Water Polo Canada and Ontario Water Polo

This plan outlines the framework that we have implemented to support in-person activities while COVID-19 presents a risk to our community.

1.0 Guiding Principles:

The following list of guiding principles was the foundation for the creation of this Safety Plan:

  • The health, safety and well-being of our community is our top priority.
  • We will continue to provide a quality learning experience for our athletes throughout the duration of the pandemic.
  • Our plan will be developed and modified in consultation with our local Public Health Authority.
  • All program protocols will incorporate sector-specific considerations (e.g. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), signage, physical distancing, limited contact, etc.) as appropriate.
  • Our plan will be adoptable and will be adjusted / modified as required to remain current with Public Health Guidelines.   

COVID-19 safety plan

2.0 Health Screening

Participants in HAWPC activities must first complete the Hamilton Public Health screening questionnaire prior attending the event.  The questionnaire can be found at

The health screening will also support contact tracing efforts, as attendance will be required at each session.

3.0 Vaccination Status

All coaches and voluntaries will be required to provide proof of vaccination in accordance with the Ontario’s vaccine certificate and verification app process. (

4.0 Change Rooms

We isolate and mitigate any major areas where the disease can spread.  As a result we will ask that athletes arrive to the pool changed and ready to go.  We encourage that athletes change in the car once leaving.  Change rooms are open and available however we feel that though more stringent then public health avoiding change rooms mitigates are greatest opportunity for COVID Spread as a club.

5.0 Mandatory Masking

Anyone coming to HAWPC activities will be required to wear facemask at all times while on deck. We recommend that athletes use three ply medical grade masks. 

6.0 Personal Belongings Management

All athletes are to be masked and physical distanced when they arrive on deck.  Athletes are to maintain their physical distance as they remove their masks, drop their bags and enter the water.

7.0 Warm Up

Athletes are instructed in how to get in the water safely and placed into working lanes where they are spaced appropriately.

8.0 Change in Guidelines

The HAWPC executive will monitor and review Ministry of Health and other applicable regional health guidance daily to ensure protocols are up to date. They will flag any new risks for discussion and revise this safety plans plan as required. 

9.0 Closing

We are committed to providing the safest possible playing environment for our Water Polo Athletes.  This is not only in relation to COVID but SAFETY PERIOD. As COVID continues to evolve so too will our coaches in how they deliver their practices.

As always please reach out if you have any questions or have any suggestions for how we can operate a safer environment.