In order for the HAWPC to continue to grow and be successful our Club must continually evolve.  In order for this evolution to continue our coaches and board are consistently working 6-12 months ahead in relation to organization and infrastructure.

Based on the growth of our Club we have the following programming enhancements to unveil for 2024.

NCL/RDC/Grade 12 year

For the 2024/2025 season the Club will continue to blend with KW,London, Guelph at the NCL level.

Further we will be holding 2 events in September which will done in order to:

A: determine who are our NCL athletes

B: Identify RDC programming nominations.

C: Help take care of early season admin, clothing, suits, and parents meeting.

Attendance for these events will be mandatory

Event 1 RDC/NCL/Grade 12 Evaluation

September 14th 4:00-7:00

Wayne Gretzky Center

This event will be for athletes in Grade 9-12 who wish to participate in NCL, RDC, or McMaster Programming.

This will also be used to place athletes in relation to Thursday Brantford practices and McMaster Practices.

Event 2 Club Day SEPTEMBER 21st

11U, 13U, 15U, NCL


11U black vs gold 3:00

13u black vs gold 4:00

Parents Meeting 4:45 – 5:15



Joint ventures with McMaster  

Historically the Club has been heavily associated with McMaster University.  McMaster’s Head Coach Tim Ormond is heavily invested in rebuilding this relationship.  Tim Ormond was a member of the National Team for over 8 years and is HAWPC Alumni. 

This programming will be for our grade 11-12 athletes specifically.  Tim Ormond will also be coaching 19U programming for the Club.  We are still in the developmental phases on the Women’s side however we feel that parity will be developed quickly.  

Also we will be supporting McMaster during the early parts of the season where you will see the teams at select 17U/19U Practices.

NCL Reform Grade 12 Year

Currently our Coaches and Board have been working closely with Water Polo Canada lobbying to develop programming which encompasses the grade 12 year.  The current structure of the OPL, 17U NCL makes the grade 12 year almost a lost year for athletes.  This hurts and impacts all aspects of Water Polo within our Club and for Clubs across the Country.   We are hoping that Water Polo Canada listens to its membership.  We will keep athletes and parents posted as this continues to develop

Splashball Returns 

To accommodate the continued growth of our Swim and Play Ball, 11U, & 13U programming we will be formalizing our SPLASHBALL program for athletes who are 6-8 years old.  This program will have a soft launch in the Winter and will fully operate for our Spring Session.  To make this program work we will need help from our High School Athletes.  Also if you know any 6-8 year olds who might be interested please spread the word.

Addressing the Jump Year (to be addressed immediately)

One of the concerns which has been expressed by parents: how best we can prepare our athletes for their minor year, specifically the Jump from 11U to 13U along with the jump from 13U to 15U.

In order to assist our athletes better we encourage all of our 13U’s to stay the full practice on Thursdays @ Pinky Lewis in the New Year.  We would like to see our 11U’S stay an extra 30 minutes until 8:00 PM on Thursdays, specifically athletes who are in grade 5. 

Further 2-3x per month in preparation for the jump along with Provincials 11U’s COMP will stay an additional 30 minutes Saturday morning 11:30-12:00 PM.  We will take this time to do some in water “Chalk Talk” in the Shallow End along with some sprinting. 

Additionally we will be manipulating some of the times for our 15U Boys and 15U Girls so that they have the opportunity to play together on Sundays with their 13U Teammates.  We will highlight the changes in an email however it will be also updated on the Google Calendar.

Improved Mobile Friendly Website

Over the past 4 months the board has been working at developing a new updated website.  The website will have many features which we hope will help improve connectivity within our club.

Highlights include

Flawless Mobile Functionality

Attachment upload and access

Secure file sharing

Website should be live mid-month.

Continued Fundraising 

So far our fundraising has been extremely successful.  In the New Year we will be entering into a team fundraising event involving Purdy’s Chocolate.   Like everything else the board is working hard to provide consistent, predictable, initiatives that help to improve the Club as a whole.

 Thanks to everyone for helping to continue the 93 Years of the Mighty HAWPC!

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