HAWPC SCHEDULE Sept 26th- Oct 2nd

HAWPC SCHEDULE Sept 26th- Oct 2nd

Hi folks,Another super busy week in the books.  Many games and events, coming up in October. Schedule is updated on our website and can be found under calendar and schedules.  The google calendar is updated weekly.  Some weeks practices will begin to change depending on competition and outside events at the pools.Also the emails which you are receiving are now captured on the website under News.  We will highlight any changes in the emails.  


October 16th:  17U/19U Game day Women vs. Scarborough @ Wayne Gretzky 4:00 -7:00 PM

October 16th: 17U/19U Game day Men vs. Scarborough @ Wayne Gretzky 4:00 – 7:00 PM (Men and women will alternate 30 minute segments over the 3 hours, this lessons the drive on Scarborough and Coaches) 

October: 21,22,23 Mavericks Cup 17U Etobicoke 

October 22nd:  13U, 11U Gameday: Wayne Gretzky 4:00-7:00 PM  

October 30th:  RISE ABOVE women’s water polo clinic – 13U, 11U Wayne Gretzky 4:00 – 7:00 PM  

We will run our practices in the same manner as the previous week.  Gameday will operate the same as well only our shallow end athletes will exit the pool at 10:00 AM:

Athletes who are in grade 6 and under in the water from 9:00-10:30 AM 

Athletes who are in grade 7 and older in the water from 10:30 – 12:00 PM  


No changes to the schedule this week.  We are asking that athletes start bringing a skipping rope with them to practice.  Also coaches would like athletes to wear proper indoor running shoes for dryland. 

Further we will be attempting to get our APEX dryland started on Monday before our swim.  If you are interested in participating please email ancasterwaterpolo@gmail.com.  This program will be at an extra cost ($15.00 per hour session) and will also involve 2 separate locations on Monday.  Apex is located 67 Frid St in the City of Hamilton.  

RDC nominations for the Club are in and more information should be made available this week.  Please note RDC might operate slightly differently this season.  For those who are not successful Ontario Water Polo will be providing additional training camps throughout the year as well.

Hope everyone has a great week


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