I would like to take this time to introduce myself: my name is Greg Blunsdon and I am The Head Coach for the HAWPC.  I am thrilled with last years results and look forward to my second year as the clubs Head Coach.  For those who do not know me I have been involved with Water Polo in the City for Hamilton for over 20 years and I am extremely honored and excited to be a part of such an amazing club.  

I am absolutely blown away at the talent potential and more importantly the character of the individuals that we have within this growing organization.  In the next 3-5 years we are going to grow this club in numbers, skill, and championships. Though it will not be an easy road, and will not come to fruition without great sacrifices and hard work, if we work together, work hard, and most importantly focus on, and grow our strengths the HAWPC  will undoubtedly return to being the Water Polo Powerhouse that it once was

I am a firm believer in proactive communication.  This summer I will be front end loading many of the critical infrastructure pieces, which have been present in this club for years, but have been in the past been poorly articulated.  By formalizing programming, schedules, policy and procedures, and a functional parents handbook, I hope to create a framework where we can focus on growth and improve our product. Sustainable growth is my primary focus both inside and outside of the water.  We have had several challenges in the past few years and have met every challenge head on and done extremely well under the circumstances. Now is the time to formalize our club structure and move forward. We need to honor our great traditions and roots, while at the same time developing the club for the next generations to come.  


“If I was given 6 hours to cut down a tree I would spend the first 4 hours sharpening my axe”

Abe Lincoln 





HAWPC Coaching Philosophy revolves around three key principles


  1. The athletes across the Club no matter what age group, competition level or gender need to play more games.  Through increasing playing opportunities we bring value to the practices which in turn leads to greater athlete development. Increased game opportunities provides great feedback for the players and coaches and most importantly, it is fun.
  2. Commitment to physical fitness, mental toughness, and fortitude.  Over the next 3 years we will become the most physically dominant team in the country.  If you want to be good you need to train hard and we will train harder than everyone else both in and out of the water.  If we are in better shape than our competition we will win more games.  
  3. This is about more than just water polo; we want our athletes to attain: 
  1. Post Secondary education  
  2. Lifetime athletics  
  3. Time management, sacrifice, prioritizing and teamwork skills.  It is my expectation that our athletes organize their time and manage it effectively. This is not only important for team success but it is a lifetime habit and skill.



Playing time is one of the most complicated factors which coaches, parents, and players interact with during the season.  With all things being equal if athletes attend all practices, put maximum effort into every practice and have the same game awareness and skill level they will all be given equal playing opportunities.


Our goal is to encourage, motivate and grow our athletes.  It is in everyone’s best interest that all athletes receive equal opportunities to play in games.  As mentioned in our philosophy this organization is committed to getting in as many games as possible.  


The Head Coach will be objectively testing athletes throughout the season and Comp coaches will take attendance.  Objective fitness statistics (which are personal) and attendance will be at the Head Coaches disposal when questions arise.  Playing time distribution is managed throughout the season. The average below is what Parents can generally expect. Please note that Coaches will coach to win in provincial and National championship situations.


Playing time Breakdown


Junior League: all athletes receive equal playing time.


SWRL League: Athletes recieve equal playing time


U-14 COMP: Athletes play a minimum of half a game unless physically limited or playing situation is deemed to be mentally detrimental to their development.  


U-16/19 COMP GOLD Athletes play a minimum of Half a game unless physically limited or playing situation is deemed to be mentally detrimental to their development.


NCL– Playing time is based on competition and situation.  Whenever possible coaches will rotate the line-up however in certain competitive scenario playing time will be rewarded to the best players.


**********The team decision trumps all stipulations.  In close tournaments especially in playoff scenarios Coaches will put the decision in the hands of the players.  If the team decides to pull out the stops and go for the win the coaches will support that decision*********


If you have questions about playing time please contact Head Coach Greg BLUNSDON (289) 260-4015.  Coaches who are coaching during a tournament will not entertain the conversation within 24 hours of the game. Please respect and review the parent and player code of conducts.