This season we have partnered with KUKRI  to produce our clothing, and Toronto Sports to produce our suits.

KUKRI was chosen as it creates an online store for the club which allows us to offer greater selection and ease of ordering.

To check out our store click: HAWPC STORE

Fitting times will be this week as follows:

Thursday 6:00-7:00 Jimmy Thompson (Gallery)

Thursday 7:30- 8:15 PM McMaster (Outside Pool Viewing area)

Saturday 10:00-11:30 Jimmy Thompson (Gallery)

We will have suit sizing as well this process will be old school as far as having to place your order with the club for one bulk order.

This season all comp athletes are required to wear a HAWPC, Shirt on deck pre-game, our Potential  NCL Players will also need to have a Marauders shirt to wear on deck pregame.






Our Store has a limited open time and will be closed mid October.  We will reopen the store in time for Christmas:)