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 Hamilton Water Polo


Program Manual

Junior League (Ages 7*-13)

The Junior League will operate as a co-ed league that involves only Hamilton Junior League participants. This program includes one practice and one game per week starting in September and is an introduction to water polo for all athletes aged 7* – 13. Both skills and the game rules are introduced in a welcoming environment. Participants require basic swimming skills.  The Junior League is offered in 3 sessions.  Participants are welcomed to join one or all our sessions.

(* Ages 7 and 8 are at coaches discretion based on swimming skills assessment)

Session 1: September 21 – December 14, 2013  (no practices Thanksgiving, Oct 11,12,14)

Session 2: January 13 – March 29, 2014

Session 3: April 12 – June 20, 2014

Competitive Program Details (Under 18 Years Old)

Athletes in this program will have a desire to compete. This group will train 4 times per week in the pool plus a dry land training component. This group of athletes is expected to compete at local game days, competitive tournaments, provincial, and national championships.

High School – Train to Play

This 4 week program is for high school athletes with a desire to get into mid-season shape and improve their skills.  Great for returning players or those trying out for the first time.  Details for this program can be found on the home page.

 Bring a Friend

Junior League Players are encouraged to bring one,two, or three friends with them to any practice night (Monday or Friday) and let them try out water polo without cost or obligation.  No prior appointment or experience is needed, just have your friends come out and share the fun and excitement.


Registration Fees

Junior League:  $225 (per session, three sessions offered).

Competitive Membership:  $1300

High School – Train to Play:  $50 for 4 weeks

Junior League (Bring a Friend): FREE!


All membership fees include OWP/WPC membership (insurance). These fees do not include travel to tournaments/events, throughout the year.







Coaching Philosophy

2013/2014 Coaching Staff: Kirby Park (Head Coach)

Our coaching philosophy is to expose each athlete to a variety voices, training styles and techniques. Every coach prescribes to the same overall philosophy and goal, and will all be working towards the same objectives.


Practice Schedule

The primary focus when formulating the schedule will be on ensuring athletes success. Our goal is to ensure that the schedule remains as consistent as possible. However there will be times schedule changes due to program needs or the availability of pools. A continuous effort will be made to update.

The schedule will be posted on our website and it is the athletes’ responsibility to check this to ensure that they are up to date with the practice schedule. In the event that there is a last minute change athletes will be contacted by the coaching staff.

We remain committed to allowing athletes to pursue other sports in addition to water polo whenever possible. In the past we have successfully been able to set up a hybrid schedule with athletes who wanted to remain involved in competitive swimming. Any athlete who would like to discuss this possibility should speak with the coaching staff.


Tues., September 17th  competitive program startup

Sat., September 21st Junior League First Practice


* The intent is to start all competitive programming on September 17th 2013. The practice schedule may change this week dependent on McMaster pool’s reopening date. If the pool is unavailable on this date, modifications will have to be made. We will confirm the schedule as soon as possible.