Our comprehensive set of resources for the parents of our water polo athletes


SWRL: South West Regional League

Description: Low cost recreational league based out of Brantford Wayne Gretzky. All age groups. 3 Game days for High School Age, 4 Game days for U-14, 5 Game Days for U-12

Chaos will be extra this year. All Southwest Regional Game Play is included in our Fees.

NOTE: High School Age will be game day based this season with Scarborough and Mavericks attending to insure that each game day is of value.

OPL: Ontario Provincial League

Description: For U10,U12,U14 this is the top level of play available and involves a regional tournament loop consisting of between 4-6 tournaments. The goal is to have all clubs able to have at least 1 x U10, 1x U12, and U14 boys and U14 Girls.

Fees are extra and each tournament costs between $60.00 and $80.00 per athlete per tournament.


NCL is the National League and is for U16, U19 and Senior age groups. NCL is for those elite players who are willing to train a minimum of 4 times per week and want to be the best possible Water Polo Player they can be. This is a competitive program. Playing time is not guaranteed.

The U-19 girls and boys team will be based on the participants in the RDC for 2019/2020.

RDC: Regional Development Centre

The Regional Development Centre which runs out of the Pan AM centre. It involves a 3 hour training session 24 Saturday’s per year. Athletes who attend this are those that want to try out for provincial and national teams. Players need to be sponsored by their Head Coach. The cost of this program is funding based and varies year to year.

Water Polo League Types in Southwest Ontario

U16, U19

NCL (National Championship League)

Competitive league, leading to national Championship.

Combined regional teams – athletes selected based on performance POtentially 2 teams at U-16 one developmental one Elite

$850 NCL Registration + travel and lodging $350 OPL Registration


U10, U12, U14 (NEW), U19 (NEW)

OPL (Ontario Provincial League)

Competitive league within provincial. Top teams from Ontario.

U10, U12, U14, U19 Local Club Teams Compete for Provincials.

$350 + travel and lodging, Provincials, National Extra


U16, U19


Weekly Training Session in Toronto For Elite Athletes

For Athletes.



U10/12, U14, U16 and HS (=U19?)

SWRL (South West Regional League)

South West (HWPC, Hammer, GWPC, KW, Middlesex) friendly scrimmages

Recreational (players at all levels), entered by individual clubs

U10 Free U12 $1000.00 Per team U-14 1000.00 Per Team U-19 750.00 Essentially the cost is $250.00 per team per week


Combined regional teams – athletes selected based on performance, Potentially 2 teams at U-16 one developmental one Elite