DEC 5, 2023

Hello HAWPC athletes and parents,
Another complicated weather week but we somehow managed to get through it.
Just a reminder about our cancellation alert system. We are well aware of the limitations in relation to email. As a result we have several fail safes in place.
When a cancellation happens:
1. Emails are sent from ramp and team snap
2. Instagram post advising of the cancellation
3. Website news section updated
4. Google calendar updated
The Google calendar is always the last to be updated as it is only accessed from a home account. We do our best with cancellations and appreciate everyone’s patience.
Also in the event that the weather is sketchy but practice is still a go please never feel obliged to travel. Everyone’s comfort level on the road is different so please exercise your own discretion.
Based on the inconsistencies over the past few weeks we will be running a regular training week during the March break.
Congrats to all of the athletes who competed at the senior NCL event this past weekend. It has been a very long time since this club has had senior athletes compete and it is a testament to their dedication.
Huge shout out to our 15u Boys who shoveled themselves out and played an excellent game against Toronto on Saturday in Guelph. The 15U boys continue to work hard and continue to get better with each game.
SUITS ARE IN. We will start getting them distributed ASAP.
Comp News
Normal week of practice. All tournaments are marked on the calendar. Please mark availability for your athlete in relation to March Madness on Team Snap.
Swim and Play Ball
Regular week and we are hoping for no cancellations. The last few weeks are very game focused. The kids have all improved immensely and the last few weeks are always very fun.
We will run practices during the March break for Swim and Play Ball.
With the make up sessions our last sessions will be the week of March 26th.
Bring a Friend Night
We will be running 2 Swim and Play Ball bring a friend nights on:
APRIL 4th Laurier Pool 5:00-6:30 pm
APRIL 5th Laurier Pool 6:30-8:00 pm
Competitive Play Options
We are currently looking for interested athletes who would like to play competitively at provincials who are in grades 3-5. 11U provincials take place from April 21st to 23rd in Etobicoke. Our goal is to have 2 x 11U teams for this event.
Spring Swim and Play Ball
Due to popular demand we will be running a 6 week mini swim and play ball session which will run the week after Easter with the first practice being April 11th. Timings will be the same except all of the athletes will play Saturdays 9:00-10:30 AM
Cost will be $140.00 for the 6 week program.
Registration should be up by the end of the week.
See you on deck